Baby Shower Invitation Design: Raindrops

Baby Shower Invitation Design: Raindrops - From e.m.papers

I wrote last month about submitting baby shower invitation designs to a Minted challenge. Here is the second invite design I submitted. It's much more on brand, I think.

I'm writing this before the winning designs have been selected. In a weird way I'm kind of hoping it doesn't get picked (well, not really) because I really, really love this and would like to put in the shop asap with the rest of the e.m.papers printable baby shower invitations.

The simple design is perfect for a baby shower and the spareness of the invitation card layout really lends itself to being a DIY printable. It doesn't use too much printer ink, and the text is easily set up in a PDF form format.

If it isn't picked as a winner, expect to see it, exactly as is in the e.m.papers shop soon! If it does get picked I'll have to rework it so you can get it as a printable baby shower invite too.

Fingers crossed for both possibilities!

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