Baby Shower Invitation Design: Baby Item Cut Outs

e.m.papers Baby Shower Invitation Design

I've recently submitted several designs to a few different Minted design challenges. In the past I avoid submitting my stationery designs because they retained the rights to the work for several months (if not a year?) even if they didn't select it. But they've seemed to have loosened that up a bit.

I have wanted to expand the e.m.papers printable Baby Shower Invitation collection for some time now. So I figured I would submit designs to the challenge and if they weren't selected, I'd just add them to the shop.

I'm proud of this design. However it kind of deviates from my normal minimalist impulses. There is a Minted 'look' and I think it's very much in evidence here. Lots of texture, not a lot of negative space. 

You might find this baby shower invite design in much more restrained, scaled back form in the e.m.papers  shop. I might use the same color palette but reduce some of the extraneous filler elements (dots, foliage, etc.) 

I got the initial inspiration from posters around town for a Paul Klee exhibit. I started out using bold, primary colors and the elements were much larger but it wasn't working. The whole think looked cheap and juvenile.

Above is a little video about the exhibit. It's probably hard to see the connection between Klee's work and my baby shower invitation design (I know!) but it's there.  This is in German, but short and interesting and the Bauhaus inspired exhibit design is worth taking a moment to admire: 

I might revisit the Paul Klee inspired path in the imaginary future when I will, of course, have loads of free, unfettered time.

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