Ausflug: Lech, Austria

There is a German saying that I find myself using whenever we find ourselves in the Bavarian or Alpine countryside 'Hier ist der Welt noch in Ordnung' literally it translates to "Here the world is still in order." This describes Lech, Austria. About two and a half hours from Munich it's a low key but pretty tony ski destination, as well as a lovely place to spend a summer weekend.

We spent a long weekend there with some friends, hiking, relaxing and generally enjoying life. Below are some pix and Instagrams I took. They do a poor job of capturing the vast, expansive beauty of the place.

...Aaannd cue Julie Andrews (The Hills are Alive with the sound of myooosic.....)

Some pictures just don't need a filter...

My cutie in the mountains.

 More cow bell! The constant, gentle clanging of cow bells is a (calming) ambient noise in the region.

I loved the signage and the old typography at this Bergstation (the top of the gondola.) I can only imagine that this is such a different (hopping) place in the winter.

There were lots of urig (no easy translation: old, rustic and cozy) old cabins. This one had been fortified with old skis.

Feeling strapping and outdoorsy with my backpack on. It's so rare that I wear one (I hate them!) that my husband had to document it.

A murmeltier! (groundhog) We were on a bus going way up into the mountains when the driver hollered 'Look! A murmeltier to the right!' and stopped the bus. Everybody freaked out and started taking pictures, including me.

My new happy place. The wald bad (forest pool.) I was immediately transported back to summer camp. Floating on my back in the water and looking at the blue, blue sky surrounded by pines with the sound of splashing water and playing kids was so regenerating and wonderful.

This was my first, but certainly not my last Ausflug to Lech!

Waldbad photo from

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