Ausflug: (Fookin') Bruges

Bruges at nightMy parents were here for a visit to meet Emmie in April. Since they flew all the way over from California, it made sense to visit a few other places in Europe while they were here.Bruges, BelgiumOne of these places was Bruges, in  Belgium. Now, the only reason I know of Bruges is because of the very wonderful movie In Bruges. A strange little black comedy about two Irish hit men that are forced to lay low 'In Bruges' for awhile. One of the hit men played by ColinFarrell is deeply irritated at having to be there. He keeps referring to it as Fu*king Bruges, but with an Irish accent 'Fookin' Bruges'. As a result, I  ant refer to Bruges without placing a 'Fookin' in front of it too. With this limited bit of knowledge we decided to join them.

kissing in Bruges
Bruge canal
Anyway, it turns out (fookin') Bruges is quite lovely. It's a very well preserved medieval city full of bridges and canals. It reminded me of Strasbourg a bit. It's main square has an imposing Belfry tower and waffles, beer, chocolates and fries are ubiquitous. Oddly enough so are spare ribs - there are a lot of rib joints there and ribs seem to be a trendy dish there.
Swans in BrugeYou really don't need more than a day and a half to take it in and if you find yourself in the Benelux region it's definitely worth visiting. And by all means, watch In Bruges after you go.


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