Anybody Home?

Yes, kind of. I'm thoroughly enjoying my extended maternity leave that started on January 1st of this year, when our daughter Emmie was born.

My plan was to get back into action after three months, but we plan, God laughs. I have been able to get many things done with my lil' gal (cook, clean, galavant around town and meet friends) but one thing that is absolutely impossible to do with her is to sit down at my computer.

At the moment we're in California. My husband is taking his 2 month paternity leave and we're having a lot of really great family time together. 

I have a million product ideas, blog post ideas, thoughts about how I can improve my newsletter, etc. but for now they'll have to wait. This time is too important.

I'm checking emails and responding to customers as I can, but right now things at e.m.papers are runnin' slooooooooow.

I appreciate your patience!

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