31 Wedding Designs March Challenge Update #2

Gray and Yellow Botanical Printable Wedding Invitation

The design challenge continues! So far I've come up with 20 new wedding invitation designs. Some days it's quite hard, I have zero inspiration, and other days I know exactly what I want to do, it's just a matter of getting what's in my head onto the screen.

Some of the designs seem to be clear hits, others are misses, and some are just experiments. I'm not aiming for perfection with this challenge. In fact, it's often only after looking at the design over a month that I realize what needs to be changed.

Starry Night Indigo Printable Wedding Invitation

I also have to design within the constraints of what a PDF template allows, which as a designer I like. It can be difficult to pick a direction when there are no limits.

Classic Black and White Printable Wedding Invitation

I've posted what seem to be the hit invitation designs here (I test them out in my Etsy store to see what the response is). I'll post the misses and experiments in another post soon.

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