31 Wedding Designs March Challenge: The Misses

mint watercolor invite

tropical wedding invitation design

sunrise photo wedding invitation design

pink brush strokes wedding invite template design

pink watercolor wedding invitation design

black, red and white wedding invite design

black and white loopy typography wedding invitation design

Royal blue ink splash wedding invitation template design

indigo botanical screen wedding invite design

simple floral graphic wedding invite design

hand drawn wreath and monogram black and white wedding invitation design.

Southwestern graphic wedding invite design

craft and white printable wedding invitation design

Blue anchor wedding invitation design

blue hand drawn blooms printable wedding invite design

Half! Half of the 31 wedding invitation designs that I created during my 31 day challenge in March were total duds, lead balloons, DOA.

I admit, there are a few in here that I phoned in - you can't be on top of your game every day. But I some  was genuniely surprised that a few of the designs didn't receive a better response than they did, and a few that I suspected wouldn't be well recieved by 'the market' but I wanted to put out there anyway.

All in all, a good reminder that productivity and prolificness is half the battle.


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