31 Wedding Designs March Challenge: The Hits

A printable wedding invitation featuring hand-drawn flowers and black typography

A black and white printable wedding invitation template. Featuring 1920s style type and a black frame border.

Pink, white and black wedding invitation printable featuring a black bow and arrow design element.

Gold confetti printable wedding invitation design from e.m.papers. Instant download wedding invitation printable.

Starry night indigo printable wedding invitation template design from e.m.papers

Ombre gray, peach, pink and turquoise printable wedding invitation from e.m.papers. Part of a 31 Invitation Design in 31 Days challenge

Botanical gray and white floral printable wedding invite design from e.m.papers.

Traditional black and white printable wedding invitation design featuring classic typography and black and white flourish element.

Forest path photographic printable wedding invitation design from e.m.papers

Well, I did it. I created 31 new wedding invitation designs in 31 days.

I should try this every year, I always learn something or am reminded, rather, of the non-linear path of the creative process. Coming up with designs at a rapid-fire pace and tossing them out to the world is also instructive.

Sometimes I finish a design and know that it’s going to be a hit, and it is. Sometimes I just know it isn’t a hit and and, surprisingly, it is. And sometimes I’m sure a design is going to be a hit and it bombs.

The designs above are the hits.

How did I determine whether or not a design was a hit? I’d put together a quick mock-up, created a listing in my Etsy store and then promoted each one using Etsy’s pay-per-click promotion option. It’s usually pretty clear after a day or two by how many impressions, clicks and favorites a design gets whether it’s a keeper or not. A couple even sold right away so I had to scramble and make the template ‘on demand’.

Stay tuned for the misses…

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