Metal Type For Sale! Two Pounds of ¥€$ From Pat Reagh Printers

I've promised my Dad a website since forever. Either I'm too busy, or he's still figuring out what he wants, but somehow we've never quite gotten it together.

Part of his expertise as a letterpress printer is casting type. He's been doing it for over 40 years. It is a very complicated, technical process that requires skills that few people still possess. Considering this, he had the idea to sell some of it online. I thought a Big Cartel shop would be the way to go for these activities, but he didn't really want an eCommerce platform for a website, so we abandoned that idea.

I left him to his own devices, and before I knew what happened, he went wild on eBay! Here are a couple of his listings. It's been kind of fun to bond over selling online, and interesting to see how eBay works for him. It's really good for niche items.

My Dad's creativity never cease to amaze me. From his 'Registered Text Offender' business cards, to the hip packaging and clever name he put together for his '@' symbols to this new line: '2 £'s of ¥€$' (get it? the metal type weighs about two pounds, and it's for currency symbols). There are very few matrices (molds) to make metal type for the '€' symbol, and he's got one of them, so it's kind of a big deal.

The big secret to all this cool work: He's having fun.

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