Wedding Card Designs: Black with Craft Paper

Craft paper wedding invitations

I recently designed a new black and white wedding invitation 'Flourish'. Black and white wedding stationery can be a really great choice for DIY templates, especially if you don't have a color printer, or don't want to spend extra money on having color copies made.

However, some may find black and white a little boring, so how about black with craft paper?

I printed these out on craft card stock, and then to add some extra pizzaz I spray glued gold paper to the back. Pair with some gold envelopes and voila! Super swanky invites! Here are the supplies I used (I know this pic is pretty bad, but still, you get the idea) Spray glue, an x-acto knife, craft card stock, gold paper (about 50¢ a sheet) and a ruler:

How to make craft paper wedding invitations with gold backing

The same could also be said for using brightly colored paper like this Fuchsia card stock. An unexpected paper selection can really add some wow. Go to a craft store and pick out a few sheets to try, don't be afraid to experiment.

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