Ausflug: Piran, Slovenia

I'm starting a new series on the blog today: 'Ausflug'. This means 'excursion' or 'jaunt' and is usually used to describe a short trip. We use this word all the time in the Mayrhofer household when we speak Denglish (Should we take a little Ausflug for the three day weekend?)

May in Bavaria is wonderful, mostly because it's jam-packed with three day weekends. We decided to take a spontaneous little Ausflug down to Croatia which, if conditions are right, is about a 4-5 hour drive from Munich.

In the span of 24 hours we booked an Airbnb, a little car from our car-share place and took off.

Unfortunately, we were total ignoramouses. As we left our apartment we sort of looked at eachother and said 'Croatia is EU, right? yeah, yeah...' and left. Fortunately as we were going out the door, my husband grabbed an old Lonely Planet Slovenia Guide (you drive through Slovenia to get to Croatia.)

So...Croatia is not EU until July 2013! Which means as an American, I couldn't get in without a passport (seriously, living here you get real lazy about travel documents.) We showed the guy at the border my german health insurance card (it has a picture!) No dice. He looked at us, blinked and said 'This is not possible'.

Dejected, we made a U turn back into Slovenia (which is EU.) What to do? Fortunately we were about a five minute drive from Piran. Piran is a pictresque and charming venetian style port city (sans the canals) on the 4-inch strip of coastline that belongs to Slovenia.

Who knew? The thing about Europe that never ceases to amaze me is there are a thousand little towns you've never heard of that are amazing all over the continent. And they all seem to be about a 3-5 hour drive away.

The sun cooperated (for about a day!) and we enjoyed the good life, which for us primarily means lounging, enjoying libations and stuffing our faces.

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