Valentines Day Cards: Sweet and Easy Love Notes

Valentines day cards using printable valentine scrapbook paper

Today I took a little time to experiment with some of the existing paper bits and bobs that I have laying around my work space. Since I'm kind of lazy I wanted to print on something pre-cut. First I tried to print on these very thin, waxy German post-office style bags I have. Disaster. My printer did NOT like those, it was a mess (smudges, rippped edges, etc.).

Next I tried some little index cards I had lying around. I used the patterns from my new Valentine printable wrapping paper set and set up my paper size to match the cards. The two designs shown here looked especially good. Maybe I'll print a bunch out to leave my husband love notes.

Of course you could also use our free printable templates along with the valentine patterned digital downloads to make your own labels and cards. I'll try to post an example on those soon...

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