DIY Wedding: Save the Date Email How-to

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How to make an Email Save the Date

I get a lot of requests asking if I can create an 'email format' Save the Date. What most people don't realize is that just about any digital format Save the Date card can be turned into an email, easily and better yet, for free!

Here's How:

Save the Date template

1. Select or create a digital design for your Save the Date.

Naturally I'll be using a selection from e.m.papers printable save the date templates. However you can make your own using programs like Word, Power Point/Keynote or one of the Adobe Creative Suite applications. Set up the design in the size format you'd like. Typical sizes are A2 in the US (5.5 x 4.25 inches) and A6 (108 x 105mm) for countries that use A4 sizing.

2. View the Save the Date card on the screen so that it is either 100% or the text looks crisp and clear.

save the date image

3. Take a screen shot.
On a Mac you can use function + alt/option + shift + 4 to select a specific area. On a PC you can use the 'Print Screen' function to get a grab of the entire screen. Save the screen shot as a jpeg.

photo editing a save the date

4. If necessary, use a photo editing program the free online photo editing software like Pixlr to edit your Save the Date screenshot.
For example, if  you need to add a border to the design, create a background layer and fill it with a dark grey color or black  (or whatever you want). Then, make the entire canvas one pixel larger all around.  Make sure to save the image again as a jpeg.

How to make a Save the Date Email

5. Insert your Save the Date jpeg image into an blank email.
Most email programs have an option allowing you to insert a photo into the body of the email. Insert your jpeg. I hit the space bar a couple of times so the image isn't butting up right against the top of the email.

Email Save the Date

6. Experiment with the email settings, like alignment, background colors, text colors and fonts (see pic in step 5).
If you have the same fonts used on your Save the Dates installed on your computer, you may be able to use them in your email program too. You can find the name of the font used in each of our save the date templates under the 'Product Details' tab. Just Google the font name, you'll find it available for free on sites like DaFont or Font Squirrel.

7. Send! I created a video tutorial on how to make a save the date email awhile ago using a free service like Mail chimp. You don't have to use Mail Chimp (or any similar service), but it has some helpful features like reporting to show who has actually opened your email, etc.

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