January 2013 Calendar Printable

January 2013 Calendar Printable

Happy New Year! We somehow manged to survive the Mayan apocalypse and broke on through to the other side. To celebrate, e.m.papers is giving away a printable calendar for the month of January in each one of our 3 designs. This is a great opportunity to test our new, revamped calendar format. The calendars are editable; you can edit the dates, the months, the year and even add your own personal and regional holidays or change the language!

I came up with this format because I felt bad turning down all the requests I got for versions with holidays for specific countries our regions (like Western Australia.) Now people all over the world can use the calendars (they come in US Letter and A4 templates, too.) Buy once, use forever. As always, great as gifts, too.

Have at it here.

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