DIY Christmas Ideas: Make Your Own Christmas Cards

I like to point out that one of the reasons I created e.m.papers is because I'm 'half-assed crafty'. That means that I like D.I.Y projects, but not if they involve too much effort or fancy tools.

If you want to make your own Holiday or Christmas cards but don't want to spend hours cutting and gluing, creating a simple 'print and fold' card is the way to go. I offer printable Christmas cards in this format, but you can also make them yourself, here's how:

1. Create a letter-sized (or A4) template with guide lines indicating the vertical and horizontal center of the page. I did this in Adobe Illustrator, but you can just as easily use Word or PowerPoint or a similar program.

2. Create another set of guides to find the visual center of each of the four quadrants in the page.

3. In the lower right quadrant add the text (or design element) that you want on the front of your card. At the bottom of this post I've included images and links to free fonts you can use that add a little holiday pizzaz.

4. In the upper left quadrant add any text you want on the inside of your card. Then rotate it 180 degrees, so that it's upside down.

5. Print the card out on regular, letter weight paper.

6. Fold once, vertically.

7. Then again, horizontally.

8. Voila! You're printable holiday card is ready!

You can experiment by adding a picture (like in the first image), or using colored or craft paper stock. The possibilities are endless! Don't have any envelopes? No problem, use our free printable envelope template here.

Here are links to the above free fonts, all of which would look great on a holiday card: Lane-Posh, Budmo Jiggler, Channel, League Gothic, Great Vibes, Florence Sans.

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