DIY Christmas Ideas: Printable Wrapping Paper

Printable Wrapping Paper

This year, the adults in my German family agreed we wouldn't exchange gifts - and frankly I'm glad! We said we'd all rather take extra money and go out to nice dinners to reduce the cooking and entertaining strain on everyone, and just enjoy eachother's company instead.

Printable Wrapping Paper

Of course, I will bring little stocking stuffers. I've recently started designing printable wrapping paper sets, and my newest version is this green scrapbooking paper set, which I created with the holidays in mind. Paired with some washi tape or used with kraft paper these small sheets of diy wrapping paper are easy and fun to use.

Printable Wrapping Paper

If I have something small to wrap it makes life very easy, I just print it out and go, usually without even needing to cut!

P.S. That's the German version of my Beetle printable christmas card in the first pic. You can edit the text in the A4 version so it works in multiple languages. The listing is auf Deutsch hier.

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