October Design-A-Day: Day 26 - Trau Dich Wedding Fair Postcard Flyer

e.m.papers bei Trau Dich Messe 2012 in München

I'm cheating a little bit today because it's Friday and I want to get home to eat some pasta and drink some wine with my husband.

But I guess it's not really cheating because it is something I took the time to design. I'm participating in my first ever (well, I guess not the very first, see pic here) wedding fair. It's a big one here in Germany called 'Trau Dich'. They are these huge weekend wedding fairs and they take place on different weekends in all the big cities in Germany.  I'm having 1,000 of these babies printed (too many for a printable; believe me, I thought about it.) They've got a QR code on the back where any visitors to my booth will be able to sign up for a goodie.

I have no idea what to expect. My studio mate who runs an adorable shop Chamue told me that she has left 2-day fairs completely out of the 1000 postcards she ordered, and other times she comes back home with almost as many as she left with.

Time will tell! If you are planning to go to Trau Dich, come visit! I'll be in the room at the back of the hall.

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