October Design-A-Day

I've got a lot of pent up creativity and ideas that were more or less surpressed all spring and summer as a result of being bogged down in technical and production tasks.

So it's high-time I went on another 30 day-style design binge. Like my wedding invitation design a day exercise in March of 2011 and the Christmas in July printable Christmas card design spree I went on later that year.

This time, however, I'm not going stick to a specific item (christmas card, wedding invitation, etc.) I'm just going to design something each day, every day for all of October. You can check this blog every day to see the new designs (or follow me on Facebook and/or Pinterest)

Day 1 is the Save the Date for an Bavarian/Oktoberfest wedding suite idea that's been knocking around in my mind since I helped two friends with their invites a couple of years (!) ago. Perhaps my visit to the Wiesn (what the locals call Octoberfest) last night also had an influence on starting with this item. I'm not happy with the typography yet, but the point of this exercise is not to try and perfect, just to create.

See you tomorrow!

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