Is There Spinach In My Teeth?

You may have noticed the site looking a little spiffier. That's because I made some long-overdue to changes to both the front-end (the part that you see) as well as the back-end. Not only is the homepage a little less cluttered sans the right navigation, but I've culled out the e.m.papers catalog as well as added some powerful new functionality, including:

- The site is now in both English and German
- Downloads include both US Letter-based templates as well as A4 templates
- Custom orders are a lot easier with a new customization form - FAQs have been rewritten, and Printing and Paper tips have been added
- Items now have 'Pin it' and Facebook 'Like' social media buttons

In spite of all the work that went into these changes, little errors and typos are sure to be hanging around, so if you see any, please let us know. We're in the midst of a 'soft launch' meaning we haven't yet shouted from the rooftops that e.m.papers has undergone a 'face lift' Take a look around and let me know what you think!

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