Amateur Styling Hour At e.m.papers

Every time I try my hand at taking pictures of something, I'm painfully reminded that I am NOT a photographer and there aren't enough Instagram photo filters in the world to change that fact. But no matter, I love trying my hand at amateur styling, and I thought I'd share my latest effort.

A couple of nights ago I hosted a small birthday dinner gathering for a friend of mine. The evening was gloriously balmy for Munich so I was able to put our small terrace to good use. I served Indian food, with grilled chicken tikka skewers as the main course.  The main 'props' I used for the evening were:

- Several scarves I purchased in New Delhi on  the business trips I took in my past corporate life
- Yellow and green striped glasses with a small matching pitcher that I picked up at Woolworth's before it went defunkt in Germany
- Nesting pink and white striped bowls I picked up at a flea market for 3 (!) Euros
- Various flora I have on the terrace including a magenta Hydrangea that decided to explode into life this summer after two years of nothing
- Dried grass placemats I scored on clearance at West Elm on my last sojurn to L.A.
- Candles, candles and more candles

Of course the main thing I meant to focus on for this post was the re-purposed Mumbai printable menu I created and framed, but I forgot to photograph it! There goes my editing career.

Happy weekend.

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