Banjo Cats, Cowgirls, Crafts and Corn - Ten Great Fourth of July Pinterest Boards

Sadly, where I live in Munich, the 4th of July will pass by quietly, unnoticed, just another Mittwoch (Wednesday). I've indulged in one of my favorite internetting pastimes - Pinterest - to find a fun and inspiring collection of images of all things American and Independence Day: fireworks, cowgirls, hamburgers and more. Enjoy!

Kate French - Fourth of July - lots of cute crafts

Carrie D - 4th of July - good eats and cool red white and blue duds

Jean Quinn - Red White and Blue

Ann - Old Glory

Marnie Morgan - Cowgirls and Such

Sarah Alderman - Americana Fetish

Epic Fireworks - Firework Photographs

Donna Downing - bbq

Mandy Bingham - Hamburger Love

Yours truly with a collection of my 4th of July  faves

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