Get With The Program! Wedding Program Templates

I've noticed an uptick in sales of our  printable wedding programs. Of course! it's June and now is the time when peopleare done with wedding planning and actually getting married. If you're putting together your own diy wedding, than our easy to make program templates (or an 'order of service' wedding template as I've learned it's called outside of North America) will really hit the spot; especially if you want a gorgeous, but brainlessly easy-to- make programs for your wedding celebration. I've selected a few of my favorites to show here.

The wedding program wording is up to you. Just add your names, the location and date (or whatever else you'd prefer) on the program cover template and add the wedding timeline, thanks, hymns, poems, biblical passages, wedding vows - again, whatever you want - on the program inside template.

Hidden bonus: These are perfect if you need programs for a bilingual wedding ceremony. You can make and print multiple versions in whichever languages you need. ¡Felicidades! und Gratuliere! Stay tuned, I've got several wedding program ideas floating around in my head that I'll share with you in a future post.

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