The Hive Conference Debrief - Day 1

I'm going to try and write this up before I get too brain dead and forget everything . Here are the highlights:

Haupstadt Mutti - Finding your niche - The three women that started this blog are seriously charming . Their street-style blog offers a refreshing take on both motherhood and style. What I found especially interesting: How they got started (a little bored after having their first babies), wanting to focus on what made the mom happy (as opposed to the kid) and wanteing to unapologetically present a new vision of mothers as stylish, urbane and full of life as opposed to the tired, rumpled family manager. They also provided good tips on how they collaborate with advertisers and how they control the look of the blog and how they  plan to focus on other cities beyond Berlin.

Anna Neumeyer - Blogging and the handmade community - Anna Neumeyer is the social media manager at Dawanda and talked about how Dawanda works with both bloggers and the handmade community. This was good for me because I am STILL figuring out who and what is going on in the handmade community here in Germany. I started on Etsy and even though I have a Dawanda shop I still have yet to really dig deep into Dawanda and know it and the community as well as I do on Etsy. Clearly I'm missing a lot. I was torn because the lovely Sister magazine sisters were giving what sounded like was a great presentation on traditional and new media (but yay! it's on Scribd)

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom gave a fantastic keynote on the Business of blogging. She gave a very honest, practical and inspiring talk about how she monetized her blog and built up several revenue streams via ad networks, banner ads, sponsored content, being a contributor on other blogs and developing events (like, um, Alt). One of the very first e.m.papers ad buys was on Design Mom waaaay back in 2007 and since then I haven't followed it too much, but Gabrielle was so smart, open and likable that I'm putting Design Mom in my feed, even though I'm not a mom, she does blog a lot about design and other items and after revisiting her site I realized that I am actually interested in a lot of her content.

German Legal Issues - I can't say this was a highlight that left me excited and breathless, but it was helpful info I was proud of myself for sticking out a whole session of legalese in German!

How blogs can support your business - The speaker in this session was a little overwhelmed and actually wasn't speaking as a blogger or even a very web-saavy person, but someone whose wholesale business had benefitted wildly from blog coverage. What was great about this talk was that it was in an intimate setting (the Arena in betahaus) and sort of turned into an impromptu and lively conversation between the participants about how much and if bloggers should be paid to cover content, models that work for both the business and the blog and more.

I finished off the day wandering through and drooling all over everything at the incredible Modulor craft store on Moritzplatz. More on that in a separate blog post.

I'm catching my breath now for a half an hour or so and then it's off to the par-tay at Cosmo Hotel!

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