e.m.papers in Freundin Wedding

Something very special happened yesterday, e.m.papers made it into a major German publication for the first time! Freundin is the second largest Women's magazine in Germany. An editor contacted me last fall after seeing my Garden Party Printable Wedding Kit in my German-language Dawanda shop. Luckily for me Hubert Burda Media (a huge Media conglomerate in Germany, sort of akin to Condé Nast) is in Munich. After some emails back and forth, I offered to drop off the printed templates. A couple of months later, here they are in Freundin's Special Wedding Edition. Yay! And thank goodness, they linked to the international site which hosts templates in A4 sizes and is in German: www.empapers.eu/de (in case anyone is interested :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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