Valentine's Day? Who? What?

birthday cards and get them out a week ahead of time. Same thing with holiday cards, that's why I came up with printables, I was always whipping up a card at that last minute.  Looking over the last few posts, I realize I didn't post anything specifically 'Valentine's Day' related or wish anyone a Happy Valentine's Day. I did get a new printable Valentine Card up on the site though (does that count?)

Part of my excuse is that I was consumed with planning a low-key but fun Valentine dinner for me and my husband at home. I suppose I could have photographed my little candy bags, sweet little tablescape I put together and the meal I cooked, but it never occurs to me to document these things as I'm doing them and then blog about them. Not because I don't want to, I'm just bad at remembering to do it.

Anyhow, what this is all amounting to is one long, belated 'Happy Valentine's'. I'll try to tackle the day and the days leading up to it with a little more fanfare next year.

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