Floral Printable Wedding Invitation Set and Benita Cloward Photoshoot

Benita Cloward contacted me in the early summer last year about contributing the 'Paperterie' for a styled shoot and photography workshop that she was giving later in the summer in Germany (find out more about her workshops here). Not only is she a great photographer, but we are kind of 'expat twins' in reverse. She is German and living in the States, and I am an American living in Germany. How could I resist? I couldn't and I'm glad I didn't, just look at the stellar job she did using the Floral printable wedding invitation kit I sent her:

P.S. If your curious, I printed all of the items on my regular Canon printer onto Canson paper, which is a little fancier than regular card stock, in that it has a bit of texture. Additional vendors that contributed to the workshop shoot were:

Flowers & Bouquet: Agila Flora

PomPoms: PomPom Manufaktur
Hairband & Floral Sash: Bridal Couture Girls

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