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The Pressroom

I've just come back from a month in California to spend the holidays and visit with family and friends. One of the things I've been meaning to do for some time, is write a little 'studio tour' blog post about my dad (Pat Reagh's) letterpress print shop. I've mentioned his shop in other posts, like the one about letterpress printing our wedding invitations. If you get my newsletter (sign up here!) you might have seen the link to the article about his bathroom in Felt and Wire.

Pre Press Room

I grew up in my dad's shop, and for the longest time letterpress printing was the last thing I ever wanted to have anything to do with. I still prefer the design process over the production process (witness my business model!) but as I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the art form that has not only been in the background of my entire life, but has also experienced a massive resurgence in the last decade.

I'm not going to explain which machines do what, or make this a post about letterpress techniques, but rather share images things I always notice in the print shop. Many of them have to do with personal history or little quirks about my Dad. Think of it as a 'behind the scenes' studio tour of Patrick Reagh printers. Enjoy the slide show below or see the images with commentary directly on Flickr.

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