Decor8 Blogger Meet-up in Berlin

Hello Etsy! left me jonsing for some more face-to-face, meet-up, confrence type opportunities to meet, greet, network and schmooze and just generally get inspired. Luckily for me the Lust Auf Wohnen Book Party and Bloggers Meet-up in Berlin took place last weekend and was just the thing.

Holly Becker from decor8 spoke about her journey from burned-out corporate high-achiever to interior decorator and blogger extraordinaire (she gets 48,000 readers a day!!!) Needless to say I could totally relate and found her story incredibly inspiring. I enjoy decor8 and really like her lesser-known blog Hausmaus where she documents her life as an expat in Germany, we have more in common than I realized!

We also heard from Stefanie Luxat, and editor at Brigitte Magazine (who co-sponsored the event) who talked about life at the magazine as well as her own experiences as a blogger on OhhhMmm. Matt from Etsy also gave a wonderful, charming, off the cuff talk about Etsy that brought the house down.

My main take away after the event was that I need to bloom where I am planted! There is a lot going on in the German blogging and magazine scene, but I spend so much time looking towards America. Of course because I'm American and that's where 90% of my sales come from, but maybe that's a little bit of a chicken and an egg thing. I left the event feeling inspired and ready to add several new German blogs to my reading list and a determination to get more involved locally.

The image above is me with my friend Stephanie Levy and Theresa Neubauer who is working on an exciting new digital magazine called Sister. Briggite Magazine set up a photo station and gave us all cute little cards with passwords on them so we could download the images and use them as we pleased, which was a great idea! I think my expression in this photo confirms that I need to get out more!

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