Dinner Menus!

A great thing about having an online printable business is that I always come across fun and creative ways people have used my products. Recently I noticed an influx of traffic on my site coming from a blog called Little Miss Momma. When I took a look, I saw why. Ashley and her friends put together a fun and delicious farmer's market dinner. For part of the decor they used the free printable wedding menu from my Bicycle set, printed on craft stock. As you may know, I have a big soft spot for craft stock and an even bigger one for good food and good meals with friends. Nice work ladies!

This brings me to another point. There is really no reason you have to use our printable wedding invitation items for a wedding. They really can be re-purposed for any kind of event, as Ashley and her friends have so touchingly shown here!

Pic from Little Miss Momma

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