What I Do In My Spare Time

I love working on e.m.papers, but woman can not live on her indie biz alone, so one of the things I do as a hobby (for now!) is blog about Munich on my site Wahlmünchnerin. Wahlmünchnerin loosely translates into the feminine form of someone who has chosen to live in Munich.

I started the blog in October of last year, and since I really didn't have time for it, I kept myself to a strict diet of one post a week. I've also tried not to put too much pressure on turning it into something more, because that way it just remains fun. My friend Stephanie Levy, however, pointed out in one of our peer coaching sessions that Design*Sponge (the mega design blog, in case you didn't know) didn't have a guide for Munich. I had noticed too but thought,'No, I just don't have time'. Stephanie convinced me to jump on it before someone else did. So I heeded her advice.

The Gods send threads for the web begun. In this case, the threads showed up in the form of Emily Walechka, a fellow expat and friend who contacted me a week after I pitched and recieved the green light from Grace Bonney (the woman behind Design Sponge) to create the guide. Emily had been thinking about doing it for some time but never had a good stretch of time to do it. I told her it was already underway but that help was welcome, so we teamed up, divvied our city in two and went for it.

The feedback on the guide has been so wonderful, it's really affirming. It was also fun to do too, if not a little stressful at times coming on the heels of my Hello Etsy talk. I'm so glad I listened to Stephanie! If you're planning on visiting Munich, do give it a look!

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