A Milestone?

Something horrible and something wonderful happened last week. A very good Samaritan, fellow wedding stationery designer and small business owner at Pretty Wild emailed me to let me know that the woman behind the site pictured above had stolen my designs. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I always imagined that if someone was going to steal my stuff it would be some nameless, faceless pirating gang, not an individual person, with a facebook page, living in Birmingham in the UK!

I immediately sent a cease and desist email, found her facebook page and commented on all my images - which she was shamelessly promoting as her own -  letting people know that they had been stolen. It was ALL CAPS allover the place. My hair was on fire, I was so outraged and filled with righteous indignation.

To add fuel to the fire, I noticed that she had stolen yet another designers work! You may have seen these cute Save-the-Date balloons from L'office optimist. I emailed here to let her know, she said that, sadly, it was the THIRD time it had happened to her. She too sent a Cease and Desist letter (she unfortunately has one at the ready for these kinds of incidents).

The emails and my campaign of public shaming worked. The perpetrator took the images down. She sent me a two line email saying 'Sorry, I liked them and didn't think I was doing anything wrong'


The bad news is that there really are a-holes out there. The good news is that the self-policing internet worked, and that there are also really good people that watch out for one another.

As I was breathlessly recounting the episode to my husband, I stopped for a second and said "I guess this is kind of a Milestone." I'm looking forward to more positive ones in the future.

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