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I do well working alone. I like working at length, without interruptions, and I'm pretty decent and being disciplined and productive. I have, however, noticed that without bursts of interaction with other people I start to get a little...stir crazy. Over the last few months I've helped put together meet-ups with the Etsy Germany Street Team, an Etsy Lab where we worked with Washi Tape as well as a talk from Matt from Etsy on marketing, I've also attended a monthly meet-up of wedding professionals in Munich. I find I'm really energized by these meetings and they are healthy reminders that sometimes getting away from my desk and interacting with other people is also a form of productivity.

It's not only good for the sould, it's good business. For the last few months I've been meeting with my friend Stephanie Levy, a fellow American, Illustrator and 'Indie-Biz' woman for a monthly peer-coaching breakfast. We each get a couple of hours to use the other as a sounding board for our ideas and projects as well as share information. We're even going to work on a joint wedding invitation project together. These meetings have helped me develop ideas, identified areas where I should probably not waste my time. We met yesterday and Stephanie gave me some really helpful feedback on my project management presentation 'Steal This Process' for the Hello Etsy conference, so if you're attending you'll also benefit from our coaching sessions!

Another project that has not only been fun but good business is my work with Taryn at Glö to put together Glöpacks; digital templates that work with their online wedding invitations and websites. I was reviewing some of my Google Analytics stats the other day and realized I have gotten a significant amount of traffic and sales from our collaboration (note to self: make some more of these!). So three cheers for working with others!

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