e.m.papers in BRIDES Magazine!

A couple of months ago I got an email from an editor at Condé Nast asking for samples of the  wedding table number template from my Bluebell Wedding Kit. She wrote that they were putting together a piece for the July issue on color combos for wedding tables and asked if I could have these samples on her desk in NYC the following week. Needless to say, I said 'No Problem', put together the samples and broke my neck to get them to the post office on time to ship DHL next day express.

You never know with these things, sometimes stories get scrapped and your item doesn't make into the issue, so I was trying to keep my expectations low. Luckily for e.m.papers, this wasn't the case. A week or so ago someone contacted me asking for an address where they could send tear sheets. However I was not patient enough to wait and had my step mom send me two copies of the magazine.

e.m.papers in Brides Magazine

It's pretty exciting to see my little table card in a real-live-honest-to-goodness U.S. wedding publication. Today BRIDES, tomorrow the world!

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