May Giveaway Winner and New Wedding Invitation Design Results

What an interesting giveaway! I really enjoyed getting all the responses from everyone. The clear winner from my 31-day wedding invitation design challenge was 'Pink Shower' which I later renamed 'Pink Rain' (you can actually buy this wedding invitation on my Etsy shop, coming to the .com store soon.) There were also some surprises; I didn't expect Thistle to do nearly as well as it did. I also thought Beetle was going to be a huge hit, I guess not. but that's why it's important to do these kinds of things.

Innyhooch, a big congrats to the winner: Becca, whose favorites were Two Birds, Pink Shower and Thistle. Thanks for participating everyone!

[UPDATE: The winner, Becca, has already ordered her invitations so she has generously asked me to pick someone else, I drew #17 'Janekke' please get in touch if you'd like a wedding correspondence set!]

Pink Shower

Two Birds 9
Hot Daisy 8
Thistle 7
Ornament 6
Dahlia 6
Palma 5
Love and Happiness 4
Aix-En-Provence 4
Papel 4
Green Roses 3
Ornament Banner 3
Omni 3
Antiquarian 3
Scroll 2
Dots 2
Little Tree 2
Beetle 2
Celebration 2
Kate & Wills 1
Champagne 1
Vietri 1
Gray Elegance 1
Wasabi Love 1
Big Type 1
Tiles 1
Bud 1
Two Hearts 1

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