Early Wedding Invitation Design Favorites

It's been exciting and fascinating to see which invite designs people have been selecting as part of the May Wedding Template Giveaway. I've been (delightfully) surprised by many of the selections, and have even been prompted to take a second look at designs I thought were maybe not keepers.

I really liked 'Palma' when I first designed it and still do (that doesn't always happen!)

On the other hand, I was lukewarm on 'Pink Shower' (which I've renamed 'Pink Rain') but a lot of people have listed it as a favorite, and after taking a second look, I realize, hey! it is a lovely design! So much so that I've decided to list both in my Etsy shop, in case there are any early takers :-)

The giveaway is still going on, so if you haven't yet, you can still enter to win!

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