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I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes at e.m.papers today. I'm also participating in the fun 'creative spaces' weekly post on the Etsy Germany Street Team Blog.

I'm still trying to find the productive rhythm I was in before we left on vacation, and it's hard! One thing I am trying to get a jump on though is streamlining my production process.

Printing out, cutting and photographing my printable wedding invitation designs and kits is one of the biggest time consuming production tasks I have. I recently experimented with taking a screen shot of an image and placing it over a pre-photographed blank card in Photoshop, much to my delight it looked great.

So now I'm photographing all the arrangements of my wedding paper goods, but with blank cards so I can just place the image over it. Not only will that cut out a lot of production time, it will help all of my product images look more consistent. You can see how I used this technique on one of my new wedding invitation designs, 'Love Joy Happiness'

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