Glösites and e.m.papers, Together at Last!

Right after my August wedding in California, Taryn the genius behind Glö reached out to me asking if I wanted to partner by developing Glö-compatible templates that matched popular e.m.papers wedding designs. In the midst of wrapping up our party, visiting with friends and preparing to return to Germany, I sent her a short note explaining my situation and said I'd be in touch in the fall.

Sometime last AutmunI sent a note saying I was game, but had a lot going on, so It wouldn't be a 'front burner' project. I didn't hear from Taryn for awhile, but figured she too had a lot going on. A month or so later I got a lovely email from her explaining that my mail had landed in her spam folder, and that she definitely wanted to push a mutual effort forward. We emailed back and forth and agreed upon time lines and even a shared sponsored post on A Practical Wedding, where we both 'met' or rather got to know eac hother as vendors on the site (and truly amazing community that APW is)

What does this mean for you? It means that if you are totally with-it and modern and are doing all of your wedding invitations online and creating a wedding website, you can now use selected e.m.papers 'Glöpack' designs with your Glösite! As always, you can also order non-invitation paper goods (menus, table numbers, programs, etc.) separately, so you're wedding has a fully coordinated look. Take a gander at our wedding printable customization and pricing guide and just shoot me an email using the link at the bottom of the page.

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