31 Invitations in 31 Days

printable wedding invitation

I recently enjoyed the Etsy Success Symposium, and was completely stoked that they lived-streamed the entire thing. I got something out of each and every session, but what really stayed with me was Noah Scalin's presentation on his daily art project 'a skull a day.'  Every day (I can't remember how long he did it) he created a skull image in any medium from bullets to baking. I've come across this recommendation in other sources such as Julia Cameron's The Artists Way, and it always seemed like a good idea. In retrospect I realize that the idea of producing something every day is especially appealing to me right now, because as I bootstrap my mini-enterprise, I have to spread my efforts across everything: marketing, production, business operations, etc. These are all activities that will help me reach my goals, and I do block out time just to design, but it still feels like I don't get to design enough and spend too much time 'managing stuff'.

So I've decided to design one wedding invitation each morning for every day of March. I'm time boxing it (giving myself a limited amount of time) so I don't overwork the design. I'm not doing the production, but am making them available on Etsy so if someone purchases the invite I can do 'Just in Time' template development, thereby not spending time up front on something that may not sell, and focusing on only the most creative part of the process.

The idea of starting each day by designing and producing feels good. I have so many ideas and concepts clanking around in my head that it's nice to just get them out, and not worry about them being 'perfect' I've started a Flickr set where you can follow the progress.

P.S. We're going on a road trip later this month to Italy and Spain, so I may have to batch post/upload some of the designs, but I will stick to my goal of one a day to the best of my ability!

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