Etsy Love: Ay Mujer!

I decided that instead of blathering on about mememememe and my stuff all the time, I need to take a break and share some of the wonderful things I've been (re)discovering on Etsy. Thanks to one of their new features, your favorite shops and items ar re-presented to you when you check your activity circle. So much good stuff!

I love Ay Mujer! Everything about it is great, the name, the products, the colorful paper and her craftmanship. Her work makes me want to figure out what kind of excuse I can make up so I can have a giant party and use all of her fabulous Papel Picado. I mean, really! somebody get married quick! Awhile ago my sister decided to have a Trentiñera since she never really had a Quinceñera, and it was a blast. I designed invitations for it, which this printable blank card is based on (okay, a little memememe.)

Too bad we didn't know about this shop then. Maybe I'll steal her idea, repurpose the card, go on an Ay Mujer binge and throw myself a Cuarentañera next year for  my big four-oh...

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