Behind the Scenes: European Store

Apologies for the radio silence since before Christmas. However silence does not mean inactivity!  Somewhere I've read (37 signals Getting Real? I can't remember) the instruction to 'Do More, Plan Less' and that's exactly what I've beend doing with the help of my husband/CIO/IT Admin/COO for the last two weeks. He had some roll over vacation that accrued during our leave, so we had the wild and crazy idea to get the site launched in the first week of January! No problem, right?

We're actually making a lot of progress, but we've scaled down the goal for launch. Using the agile development approach that we learned at my old job (his current job) we grouped tasks into 'stories' and put them into 'backlog', 'in progress' and 'done' columns and hustling to move all the post-its into the 'done' column ASAP. We also decided to only launch one bit of the e.m.papers catalog, namely, the wedding invitations. So stay tuned, hopefully by the end of the month you'll be able to buy printable wedding invitations in DIN B6 European sizes, pay in Euros and read product descriptions auf Deutsch!

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