Last Minute - Last Minute Gift Coupons

"We Plan, God Laughs" is one of my favorite sayings. It applies today. I try to plan and organize my days around specific buckets of tasks, like marketing, product development etc. What this approach doesn't take into account is when inspiration will strike. Last week I got the idea to create a set of 3 customizeable, printable gift coupons (and offer them for the price of two!)  I had no time to do this, let alone get them developed and launched by today, yet somehow I did, and designing them just flowed! I'll dedicate days to work on a certain item and nothing, nothing! and then I'll get a flash and crank something out between throwing in a load of laundry and emptying the dishwasher. Go figure.

The cards have a Adobe Acrobat form field so you can customize the text and make the gift coupon out for whatever you want to offer, banjo lessons, 2 dozen cookies, a night out at a restaurant...whatever you can dream up or especially talented at.

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