Washi Tape Advent Calendar

I'm pretty proud of myself. I often get a lot of crafty ideas but I rarely have the time or wherewithal to carry them out. Not this time. At the 11th hour (literally) I executed on my idea for a handmade washi tape advent calendar.

A little back story: At this time last year, we were freshly married and my sweet husband came home with a big surprise, two advent calendars from the supermarket, one for each of us. How did I respond? With graceful thanks? a grateful wife, happy that my beloved was so thoughtful? Nope. I failed miserably at containing my design snobbery which my husband noticed at once. There was no way around it, I was horrified that I would have to look at the mugly-mass-produced-cheap-chocolate-havin' advent calendars for the next 24 days. I vowed to come up with a better, cooler, creativer, designier alternative next year.

On our big trip around the world last year, one of our favorite stops was in Tokyo. We loved it for many reasons, one of which for me was that I knew I was going to be leaving Japan with a massive stockpile of washi tape. As luck would have it, one of the main stationery stores that carries it was around the corner from our hotel. I waited in front of the store, before it opened, in the rain. Once I found the washi tape, I went ape shit (there is just no better way to describe it.) I bought at least two of each type there was. We left  around 25000 Yen (250 Euro) poorer and with my husband wondering where we were going to stick the giant bag of tape in our luggage.

So here I am with holiday time rapidly approaching, wanting to head off another offensive advent calendar ambush, when it hits me: My washi tape! It's been sitting in a cabinet, where I occasionally check on it like Gollum checking on Precious. Clearly it was time to do something with it, and this was just the item to use (some) of it for. Once I figured out how I would construct the calendar - decorating little craft shipping envelopes with it and hanging them on two ledges with clothes pins - I went to work. The reason I love washi tape is that you can't fail. It is a half-assed crafty persons dream media. Just put it on some envelopes in varying combinations and 'ta da!' super cool, definitely different advent calendar. I love looking at it every morning.

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