Bluebell Wedding Invite

Yay! I got another download and print wedding invite template finished. I'm calling this one 'Bluebell'. The last few wedding invitations and wedding kits I've designed have been distinctly non-frilly, and not that this one is frilly, but I wanted to do another design that employs flora. Any potential frilliness is short-circuited by the monochromatic color treatment and the bold silhouette. Me like.

I'm calling it 'Bluebell' although, honestly, I'm not sure if there are any actual Bluebells in the image, and I must confess I don't really know what  a Bluebell looks like! Whenever I'm designing something a working title just sort of creeps into my head and I inevitably decide to just go with it.

Stay tuned for the Correspondence Set and Complete Printable Wedding Kit version of this design.

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