Mod Circles - New Invite Set Launched

I just launched a new printable Wedding Invitation set that I'm really happy with. I'm not sure how popular it will be, but I'll find out I guess. I kept the typography really simple and used an old-school typeface, Twentieth Century; a cousin of Futura. I sometimes feel like I should dress things up a bit more, since it seems like that's what is popular in the market, but that's the fun of having your own online store, launch something and see if it works!


In fact some of my favorite wedding invitation designs are far from the best sellers. This set is also a little different in that I used large color fields. I generally try to avoid doing that since these are printable invitations, and that means ink usage, but since a lot of my stuff is heavy on the white space, I figured it was good to also offer some alternatives.

Like all our wedding invitation kits, the colors on this wedding invitation set can be customized and you can also mix and match stationery items.

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