Peppy, Preppy Boat

Continuing with 'Customer Appreciation Week' I'd like to present this beauty. One of the things I've been enjoying about providing wedding invitation customization options is that customers come up with ideas and combination for wedding invitations that I would have never thought of. For example, a recent customer ordered the Silhouette Complete Printable Wedding Kit but instead of the tree image, asked to have it replaced with a boat (yes, you can do that.) She also asked that the colors be changed to 'Navy' and 'Fire Engine.' Not colors I would've picked, but hey - the customer's always right, right? Right!

Sort of the way food tastes better when someone else prepares it, having others select colors or design elements that differ from what I normally select adds a fresh perspective and often a 'wow' element that helps me break out of my own personal design habits.

So, thanks guys!

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