Jai Ho! Mumbai Wedding Invites Launched

These have been popular printable gift tags for awhile now and I've been meaning to convert them into a Wedding invite. I finally did today, my plan is to have the correspondence set and complete wedding set launched in the next week or so. I got an extra push when an Etsy client asked for wedding tags, table numbers and place cards using this design last week.

These are based on a design that my aunt, who runs Good Form Design, did. I like them because I love all things Indian (food, design, the place.) In fact, there is a funny video of me on YouTube literally trying to cross the road in New Delhi to get to the office (I used to have to go there on business trips for my day job) My boss took this footage and his son turned it into this funny video:


{qtube vid:=c3MRpph_iqM}

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