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While gathering photos of friends and loved ones for one of my larger wedding DIY projects, my friend Molly - the original 'M' in e.m.papers - dug up this gem. This was the early days of e.m.papers, folks -  back when our plan was to sell actual printed wedding invites.

I think this is the one and only wedding trade show we did. If memory serves it was somewhere in the middle of nowhere (all we could afford), rather demotivating and full or cheesy wedding vendors. But there we were! Bright and bushy tailed with our sweet sign that Molly lovingly hand crafted. "What was that stuff in my hair ?!?!" commented Molly as we reminisced over it at the wedding. I'm so glad she found this. It makes me happy I decided to resurrect our idea and happy that Molly and I have been friends all of these years.

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