West Coast Office

I'm back, unpacked and ready to attack. I guess, technically, I'm not really 'back' - that would mean back home in Munich. We are, however, finished with the major travel portion of our trip and are parked in the guest house at my parent's place in northern California for the next few months. As you can see I've set myself up a corner office (har har) and as soon as the color printer I ordered arrives I'll be back into business mode.

This last week has been mostly about getting settled, figuring out what we still need to get done for wedding part deux, and slowly reconnecting with friends and family here.

Last week we went to the San Francisco Center for the Book where my dad was part of a panel discussion on how to run a Letterpress business. It was a great evening with a pretty impressive crowd. It really whetted my appetite to get back to work (even though e.m.papers is, ironically, the antithesis of letterpress!) you can read more about it at Felt and Wire. I'll also be doing a studio tour of my Dad's print shop and a Father's Day interview in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for a lot of letterpress and wedding stuff.

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