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No sooner did I get the printable wedding invitation kits launched (now renamed ‘complete wedding sets’), than I realized that I should offer different price points for these products. Maybe someone doesn’t need an entire wedding printable set. A friend of mine recently announced her engagement. Her and her husband-to-be want to have a simple 20-30 person ceremony with a BBQ lunch in about 3 months(!) time. She is genuinely disinterested in all the wedding hoo-haa and rigmarole which is considered standard these days. Just a  wedding invitation, with an email RSVP address on it would suffice just fine for her, thanks very much.

But for those of those of you that do like all the ‘hoo-haa’ (no shame in that!) or at least some of it, we also have on offer a mid-range set of printable wedding correspondence containing templates for the invite, save the date, response card and thank you note.

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