What an Ashhole!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. A fellow expat friend from Oregon commented that it was too bad our trip was being delayed by 'some ashhole.' She then excused herself, explaining the joke was an oldie but goodie from the Mt. St. Helen days.

So yes, ol' Eyjafjallajökull (couldn't they have at least thought of an easier name?) is really messing up a lot of people's worlds right now. We were supposed to fly to Bangkok tonight, where we would have stayed for a couple of days and then flown on to Australia. We'll be lucky if we get out of here by Wednesday, and are on various waiting lists and have a spot on flight that hasn't yet been cancelled for Saturday. This is all okay right now, we're just hoping it doesn't get delayed too much more, as we have an 'around the world' ticket and if this goes on too much longer our entire itinerary falls like dominoes and we'll have to do a lot of rethinking, rebooking, etc.

We are the lucky ones though. We're at home, able to sleep in our own bed at night, as well as enjoy the beautiful weather here in Munich. Since we're already on vacation we're making the best of it, eating gelato and debating which Biergarten we should go to for lunch. My heart really goes out to all of the people stranded or stuck in airports. That has got to be the worst.

I think we should also all give a round of applause and send good vibes to the ticket agents dealing with the tidal wave of rebooking and travel insanity. When we called Lufthansa this morning the agent we talked to sounded tired, but he was calm, curteous, really helpful and completely professional Vielen Dank, man. I would have lost my cool a long time ago - come to think of it, I would have been a regular Cracatoa!

Image by baldvinh, Flickr Creative Commons

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